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A satisfaction guarantee is included as part of our service to keep houses and workplaces clean and free of viruses.

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As well as killing the virus, we will provide a safeguard against any future occurrences. Once you have had the virus killed, your place will be fortified and you will not likely catch it again for at least a month.

Office Cleaning

The staff at House Cleaners Sydney are highly trained and regularly certified to meet high standards of quality and cleaning performance as well as specialization services certifications. We are ready to handle your office or commercial cleaning needs.

Maintaining a clean work environment enhances productivity, health, and the work experience of your employees, improving morale and increasing efficiency. We always go the extra mile to earn your trust and confidence, going beyond just meeting your daily cleaning needs.s.

We offer cleaning services during the day and evening, and our flexibility sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

Continually monitor our cleaning staff through regular inspections and field supervision. Gain from our experience in the best practices for building maintenance and cleaning.

Our cleaning company in Sydney is fully insured to protect your business equipment from any damage and will not disturb any work on your desk or your employees’ computers, as we understand how important it is to leave work stations as they are the next day for your employees.

Office cleaning services have been carefully designed to achieve the best results with the least disruption to the environment, and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

Construction Cleaning – Pre/Post Construction Cleaning

No matter if you are remodeling or building your new office or residence in Sydney, the space needs to be clean for inspections, final presentations, or lease and sale negotiations. Keeping construction areas clean makes workers safer and makes projects more efficient. Surfaces need to be cleaned to install cubicles, doors, windows, flooring, paint, and wall coverings.

We have a team of highly-trained and skilled staff that specialize in construction cleaning for the building industry. At House Cleaners Sydney, we understand the importance of safety.

No matter what the cleaning condition, our service crews are professionally trained to handle it without causing any damage. Throughout the process, each team is managed by a site supervisor who performs regular safety talks, inspections, and quality control sign offs to ensure the highest standard of quality. Using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products, we ensure that your project looks spotless at handover.

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For successful inspections, walls, crawlspaces, ceilings, and floors need to be cleaned well. Don’t let debris, dust, and dirt hold you back. Austral Cleaning will be your partner for pre-construction and post-construction clean-ups. Our cleaning services will leave your workspace spotless and dust-free for all construction, inspection, and sales activities and will instill a sense of pride among its new tenants.

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